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Current Dams and Sires

German Shepherd Laying Down

Flood Farm's Kipper

Dam: Raja Von Der Orangerie

Sire: Kahn Vom Schloss Rugland

Kipper came to us directly from  a breeding program in Albany, New York that is famous for producing even-tempered, well-balanced, and healthy dogs. Now 7 years old, he has proven that his easy-going temperament is usually passed on to his offspring. His red and black coloring and strong facial features make him a particularly handsome dog. He is just as happy to lie by your side as he is to run on the beach.

German Shepherd Closeup

Flood Farm's Pauline

Dam: Sunny vom Schloss Rugland

Sire: Nero v. Ghattas

Pauline came to us directly from Germany on February 2, 2021. We are absolutely thrilled with our new addition. She is incredibly sweet, intelligent and eager to please. Pauline's gorgeous confirmation and coloring will be a wonderful compliment to Kipper's handsome structure, for their future puppies. In addition to being extremely athletic, Pauline adores people and always wants to be with us.

Past Dams and Sires

German Shepherd Dam Laying Down

Flood Farm's Tasha

Dam: New Skete's Daisy

Sire: Leapers Magic Mavrick

Tasha comes to us from a prestigious kennel in New York that is well-known for its exceptional German working lines. Tasha is intelligent, easy-going, and adorable with strong features and an appreciation for playtime. She loves to plop and roll on her back in the grass for belly rubs.

German Shepherd Swimming
German Shepherd Closeup

Aro Von Herrenstoltz

Sire: King Von Rameros

Dam: Panterra V Rosshaus

Aro is Lena’s sire, and as the grandfather of Lena’s puppies, he plays a large role in their appearance and temperament. Aro joined our family from Oregon later in his life. He is an extremely sweet, courageous, and intelligent dog. He has solid bone structure with healthy hips and elbows, and a handsome masculine head. He has sired several litters for Flood Farm, producing many healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

Flood Farm's Thumbelina

Dam: New Skete's Zahara

Sire: Aro Von Herrenstoltz

Lena is sweet, extremely agile, and has a high play drive. She was born on the Flood Farm and is sensitive and easy to correct. As a result of Lena’s outstanding characteristics, she will learn a new command almost instantly. Lena is extremely fit and loves her daily game of fetch in our very own Loomis Lake. All of her litters have been exceptional German Shepherd companions. 

German Shepherd Laying Down
German Shepherd Sitting in Grass

New Skete's Zahara

Sire: Darkoro Vom Kirschental

Dam: Xenia Vom Haus Kirschental

Zara, as we call her, came to us from New York when she was eight weeks old. Zara has excellent stamina and coordination, with a very confident temperament. Her hips and elbows are normal and strong, which is very important when purchasing a German Shepherd Dog. Her puppies are strong, playful, intelligent, healthy, and willing to please!

Flood Farm's Gretl

Dam: New Skete's Daisy

Sire: Leapers Magic Mavrick

Gretl came to us from a prestigious kennel in New York that is well-known for its exceptional German working lines. She is adorable, cuddly, and eager to please with feminine features and loves to cuddle! She also has a strong desire to follow her nose and enjoys sniffing around the farm during her walks. 

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