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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any current litters?

Please check the Our Puppies page for the latest information about our litters. 

Why are your puppies worth $4000?

Raising a puppy here on Flood Farm means veterinary visits, handling, training, and socializing, in addition to housing and feeding. We breed only the purest of German blood through the New Skete lines. Every Flood Farm pup has started learning how to Come, Sit, Lie Down, walk on a leash, and is on their way to being fully housebroken by they time they leave us at 8 weeks old. The amount of love and devotion we shower on these amazing creatures, as well as feedback from buyers and breeders alike, has helped us determine the pricing for our pups. 

How do I get on the wait list?

If you're interested in putting your name on the wait list for

the next litter, please fill out this questionnaire to be put on

What is a "wait list"?

The wait list is the list of clients interested in

purchasing a puppy from the next litter. 

We live in another state. Do you ship your puppies?

Because we send our pups home during a sensitive and impressionable time (between 8-10 weeks), we require all buyers to come pick up their puppies in person to encourage a healthy first experience of independence from the litter. We do allow for clients who do not live within driving distance to fly with their pups so long as they are not flown home in the baggage or cargo hold.

Can we visit the puppies/dogs at the farm?

For the safety of all involved we do not accept drop-in

visitors. However, any interested buyers are welcome to

schedule a potential visit - you can message us through

the Contact Us page.

Can we pick out our puppy?

We will select a puppy for you based on your lifestyle, circumstances, desired activities (such as Search And Rescue, Agility, or Therapy) and the temperament and energy level of the puppy.

Can we breed our puppy?

We do not sell puppies with breeding rights.

Do you use your stud for outside breeding?

At this time we are not breeding our stud with outside females.

What does it mean that your dogs' hips and elbows

are "certified"?

This means that our dogs' joints are certified by the

German SV to be of breeding quality.

Baby German Shephed
Silly German Shepherd Puppy
Flood Farm German Shepherd Puppies
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