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Health Certified!  Our dogs' hips and elbows are certified by the German SV to be of breeding quality, and each pup is examined and certified by a vet as healthy prior to adoption.


Even Temperament!  We combine fantastic bloodlines with careful socialization to produce great puppies. Whether you're looking for a relaxed family dog, a search and rescue friend, or both, our puppies are very versatile and easy to train. 

Each Flood Farm litter is socialized, handled, and trained from birth, allowing us to provide each family with a well-adjusted and intelligent dog, suited perfectly to a loving and active lifestyle. 

We work hard to place each puppy with the right family. At 7 weeks old all of our puppies are put through an aptitude/personality test so we can ensure that you and your family get the companion best suited to your situation and desires.

A wait list is maintained throughout the breeding process, and we work together with each family to help prepare them for the arrival of their new member.


For more information, take a look at the Breeding Program and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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