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Farm Help

Cindy and Pup
Sunset ride
Intern and Pup
Swans on the lake
Flood Farm
Flood Farm Sign
Sunset Ride 2
Flood Farm Sunny
Visiting with Pups
Prepping the horses
Loomis Lake
Sunset at the beach

Here at Flood Farm, we often need help with the farm, which is fantastic work experience:

The work experience focuses on the hands-on side of running a small farm and allows the person to experience managing a barn with horses, cows, dogs and ducks. Yard work experience is a plus!

Horsemanship experience is preferred, but not required.

Extra paid work available.

Our workers are like family to us, and many come back to the farm to visit because of the strong relationships we build.

If you are interested in helping at the farm please Contact Us to start the application process!

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