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If you love your Flood Farm GSD,

let us know!

German Shepherd with Child

These dogs are the whole package; intelligent, stable, loving and beautiful companions, and also alert guardians with a seriousness that few would challenge. I’m well adapted by now to strangers stopping often to admire my dogs: I love it!

- Gail

"Zelda is an awesome dog with a HUGE personality and demand for interaction, but when the time comes to settle she does. She has a big family with lots of kids and while she plays rough at times with adults she is always careful around the children.


I think she is really happy. Especially snuggling up next to momma at bedtime!"

-Morgan M.

German Shepherd and Child Napping
German Shepherd on the Beach

"Sasha's first trip to the ocean (Oregon coast). She's a girl after her mommy and daddy's heart (Kipper and Lena)

...absolutely LOVED the water and sand!!" 


-Rachel H.

"We are having the best time with Jake. He and our 5 year old GSD Stella are the best of friends. Jake is so smart and easy to work with... that we credit Cindy for!  The way she starts them out is different than any other breeder that we’ve gotten a GSD from in the past and that we are thankful for. Plus we feel like Flood Farm is family now."

- J & J Baker

German Shepherd on Leash

More testimonials available upon request.

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