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Upload Resume

Please include 3-5 professional references with your resume. 

Please give us a short autobiography describing yourself. Upload 2-3 recent pictures of yourself below.
What do you hope to learn from this internship? Why do you think you would be a good fit for Flood Farm?
Farm life is busy and full of unexpected occurrences. Do you maintain a positive attitude when things do not go as planned? Are you flexible and willing to pitch in when things need to be done?
This position is learning-focused; most work is done in exchange for room, board, a monthly stipend of $200, and first-hand experience in running a family farm. Therefore, an ideal candidate would be financially stable. Will you have adequate funds to meet all your personal expenses?
What would you consider your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?
Please list in detail any previous animal-care experience (feeding, grooming, training, etc).
Please list in detail any horseback riding experience. If you have any recent photos or videos, please upload them below.
Upload Pictures
How do you feel about living in an area that gets 80 inches of rain per year?
Please list current use of any tobacco, recreational drugs, or alcohol.
Due to the location and workload of the internship, visiting friends and family may be a rare occurrence. Please list any issues or concerns that may arise from this.
Do you possess a valid driver’s license? Although not necessary, would you be bringing your own vehicle?
While we do not allow interns to bring their own dog(s) to the farm (no exceptions), we are open to other pets. Please list any pets you would consider bringing.
We regularly take our horses to the beach for exercise. If you are not able to ride, are you comfortable with/willing to “pony” (lead) a horse while jogging or riding a bike?
We are involved in a community theater group that produces family-friendly musicals. This year, we're doing Mary Poppins. Would you be interested in participating (this can include acting, musical performance, prop design, sound tech etc.)?
(This is entirely optional. We're just curious.)
Do you have any physical limitations that would stop you from doing farm work?
Do you have your own health insurance?
If you are considered as an intern, would you be willing to visit?

Unfortunately your application will not go through if any questions are left blank!

Please also check that your file sizes to not exceed the limit. 


Thanks for reaching out to us!

We'll get back to you soon!


Internship Application Form

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