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There are very few things in the world more touching, I think, than the meeting of old memories and young lives. Where wisdom and experience meet youthful exuberance, you find the sorts of reminiscences, memories, and stories that bring folk together.

The residents have the chance to get close to the pups.

This is something that we at Flood Farm have the privilege of experiencing with each litter we raise. Near the end of the puppies' stay with us, we make a special trip out to the local senior care facility, not only to give the pups their last big lesson in socializing with people, but also to bring smiles to the faces of the residents.

Precious puppy kisses.

Armed with toys for the pups and smiles for the residents, we bring the pups into the building and offer them the chance to see, hear, and smell a whole new environment. The residents talk about the pets they had in the past, the pets their families have now, and the puppies themselves. We help them hold the pups one at a time, encouraging them to pet and talk to these squirming bundles of fur.

Tasha's first litter, now 7 weeks old, did extremely well with the new experience. Not a single one became frightened or upset, and all were held and petted in their turn, even giving out precious puppy kisses to their favorite residents.

One of my favorite moments of the afternoon was near the end of our stay. The pups were tired, and several were falling asleep. A particularly shy gentleman in a wheelchair had sat nearby for the majority of our visit, but had twice declined offers to hold puppies. It was clear he liked the pups very much, but was unwilling to put himself forward and take a turn in holding one. Finally, Cindy took a pup, put it in his lap, and just smiled while the gentleman lit up like a lightbulb. It was the highlight of our visit, and a sight I will never forget.

Everyone had a chance to hold a puppy.

As we packed up to go back to the farm, many of the residents and caretakers thanked us for coming, and took the opportunity to hold the pups one more time.

In the car, the pups were asleep before we even pulled out onto the road. It was a big day, they made an excellent impression on the residents, and they're one step closer to going home with families of their own.

All pictures taken by Precious Memories Photography.

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