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Finding Peace

Breeding is extremely fulfilling, and living on a farm with the other animals (horses, cows, ducks, cats, and one 11-month-old toddler) is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Recently we were able to complete the initial training for Tasha's first litter, and invited some friends over for playtime and socializing.

A boy tempts a pup closer with a squeaky toy.

The pups love to show off their training, like "come" and "sit," especially when there are treats involved!

As with all things, there's a balance between learning and play, between work and relaxing, between hosting and enjoying the company of friends.

At the Flood Farm, our property offers a peaceful sanctuary where we are able to decompress with our sweet pups - taking them wherever we go! We enjoy our serene lake and pond where we can rewind and reflect. It's the perfect balance to our lives.

Photos courtesy of Priceless Memories Photography and C.E. Taylor.

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